Ziplock Pet Food Bag

At EWAYBAG, we offer pet food bags that are fitted with zip locks for easy reclosing. Also, these zip-locks help to preserve the aroma and flavor of your pet food. However, on the other hand, these Ziplocks prevent the free flow of oxygen, moisture, odor, and pest after initial pouch opening. Regarding the multi-layered film lamination, this ensures high barrier protection of the packaged product from external environmental effects.

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Wholesale Custom Printing Dog food Pouch

Custom printed dog food pouches come with unique branding designs that ensure top-notch product visibility. This means that all you have to do is submit your artwork, desired logos, text, and graphics. Our in-house graphic designs will ensure your pouches are well printed. Also, these pouches come with various add-ons such as clear windows, tin ties, zip locks, round corners, and punch holes to improve their user convenience. If you need a bulk custom printed pouch, we will do it for you using state-of-the-art technology.

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White Pet Food Bag

The white pet food bag is designed with attractive white finishing an ideal marketing option for several pet treats. The finishing is not only visually attractive but also it does reflect light and heat away, thus improving your packaged product preservation. A tear notch is pre-cut to guide the consumer with a straight ultra-clean pouch tearing. For barrier reasons, PET, PP, PE, MPET, LLDPE, and many others are laminated following a certain formula. Lastly, the whitish finish makes these bags easy and more visible when printed.

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Stand Up Pet Food Pouch

Stand-up pet food pouches are designed to self-stand and improve your pouch visibility. Secondly, this pouch surface offers plenty of room for customizing them using branding graphics, logo, and user guide texts. For clear showcasing of the packaged content, without necessarily opening the pouch, clear windows are fitted. Also, around the hole is fitted for hanging them to improve on display. Lastly, these pouch bags come with a tear notch for easy access.

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Stand Up Kraft Pet Food Bag

This pet food bag offers fantastic on-shelf appearance for your products. First, these bags are made of multi-layers that are laminated together to form durable, strong, and high barrier pouch structures. Additionally, the Kraft paper used as the outer most film is 100% recyclable. If you are after a natural-looking packaging brand, then these Kraft paper pouches will serve you well. However, do not worry of UV light, oxygen, moisture, pest or easy puncture, the Kraft paper if laminated with other films such as PET, AL, PP, PE, and LLDPE to improve on the barrier properties.

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Stand Up Custom Pet Food Bag

Stand up; custom pet food bags offer a convenient and environmentally friendly packaging solution. While the pouch is durable and strong, it is flexible and lightweight also. If you need custom printed pouches for marketing reasons, stand-up pouches are the best. Their self-standing ability makes the designed graphics, logos, and branding imprints visible. Lastly, these pouches are made of laminated films to provide excellent barrier properties against oxygen, odor, moisture, tear, puncture, pest, and UV lights.

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Sprout Pet Food Bag

Spout pet food bag is a self-standing bag that comes with a flat bottom design. They are an ideal alternative to glass or plastic bottle-shaped pet food packaging containers. These bags types can be printed in 12 colors with customization of design, user information, and logos to improve their visual appearance. Also, they can be manufactured in a wide variety of laminated formulas to meet the expected product packaging demands. Moreover, these bags are suitable for packaging small dense pet foods.

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Spout Dog Food Bag

Spout dog food bag is a reclosable and user-friendly pouch bag that comes with a weld spout and a cap. The spout is engineered for spill control safety and convenience. These bags are best used for packaging liquid and powder pet food products. Also, these pouches are designed with innovative shapes to meet the ever-changing market demand. Some of the most popular films used in these bags manufacturing are AL, BOPP, CPP, PET, PE, PP, and many others. Lastly, these bags can get printed to improve their shelf visibility.

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Pet Food Tote Bags

Pet food tote bags are stand-up bags that come with a side gusset and flat bottom design to allow the product to self-stand on the shelves. They are available in a wide variety of colors and are made of laminated film to meet the barrier requirements of each pet food type. The defining feature is a euro slot that allows the bag to be hung on display, thus increasing its visibility. Additionally, visibility can also be improved through custom branding and graphic designing.

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Pet Food Bag

This bag is extremely lightweight, puncture-proof, durable, and offers maximum protection against sunlight, heat, moisture, oxygen, and pests. These bags provide an optimal environment to keep the pet food fresh for a long. Such is because different films are laminated to make the structure and the films used are chosen according to the product to be packaged. These bags also have add-ons like tear notches, zip closures, hang holes, round corners, and pother to improve on their convenient usage.

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