Vacuum packaging food bags material

Different products have different requirements for vacuum packaging bags, so the vacuum bag chooses material according to the product’s characteristics.
In General PE + PET bags, adhesion is better.
Now do export compression bags with more material is PA + PE, this material bag flexibility is better, bonding is also higher, not easy to leak air, high-temperature resistance, so the cost is also higher.

Specifically include: whether it is easy to deteriorate, factors leading to deterioration (light, water, or oxygen, etc.), product form, product surface hardness, storage conditions, sterilization temperature, etc. A good vacuum bag does not have to have a lot of features, but to see if it is suitable for the product.

vacuum bag

1, the shape of the regular or soft surface of the product

The shape of the standard or smooth surface of the product, such as meat sausage products, soybean products, etc., does not require high mechanical strength; it only needs to consider the material barrier and sterilization temperature on the fabric. Therefore, for such products, the general use of the OPA / PE structure of the bag. Suppose the need for high-temperature sterilization (more than 100 ℃) can be used OPA / CPP structure or high-temperature resistant PE as a heat sealing layer.

2, products with high surface hardness

High surface hardness of the product: such as meat products with bones such products, you can choose PET/PA/PE or OPET/OPA/CPP material vacuum bags.
Because of the high surface hardness and hard protrusions, easy to vacuum and transport process puncture bags. Hence, loads of these products need good puncture resistance and buffering performance.
If the product’s weight is less than 500g, you can try to use the bag’s OPA/OPA/PE structure; this bag has good product adaptability and a better vacuum effect while not changing the product’s shape.

3, perishable products

Low-temperature meat products and other products are prone to spoilage and require low-temperature sterilization of the strength of the packaging bag requirements is not high but requires excellent barrier properties. These products can choose pure co-extruded film, such as PA/PE/EVOH/PA/PE structure of the film; you can also use dry compoundings, such as PA/PE film, and K coating materials. High-temperature products can be used in PVDC shrink bags or dry bags.

4, more high-grade quality products

Seven-layer co-extruded packaging, its better barrier performance, can simultaneously meet the needs of 1, 2, and 3 classified products; its use makes your products more upscale, greatly extending the shelf life of the contents. It is best to choose PA + PE composite vacuum packaging bags if it is used for food.

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