In some U.S. states, marijuana is already legal for recreational and medicinal purposes. But if you smoke or vape marijuana, you may not want anyone to know that you do so when they enter your home.

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One of the hardest things to quell is the smell of marijuana. It has a powerful, pungent odor; few people will miss it if they’ve smelled it before.

The marijuana plant contains terpenes that cause the weed to give off an odor, and the marijuana strain gives off a powerful aroma. This strong odor can seep into your clothes, furniture, carpets; you name it.
Cannabis users may want to mask the pungent odor during their sessions if they have unexpected company visits or if their parents, neighbors, or landlords disapprove of their recreational marijuana use.

Whatever the reason for needing to mask the alluring aroma of marijuana, here are some quick tips for hiding or removing weed odors before, during, and after smoking – or preventing the smell altogether.
When you want to smoke weed undercover, try one or more of these tips – and see which method works best to mask the smell of cannabis smoke from your favorite sticky strain.

Over the years, people have tried to eliminate or mask the smell, so it’s less recognizable.

The best way to ensure that you don’t have the odor of cannabis stored in your home is to ensure that it is kept correctly. Another issue may be when you want to travel with weed. You also want it to be odor-proof!

Through experience, people have found many ways to remove weed odors used after smoking or where weed has been stored.
For example, Incense Lighting incense sticks and placing them in the worst affected areas.
Deodorizers spray quickly replaces the skunk’s aroma with a fresh and compelling burst of aromatic molecules.

Air purifiers work by circulating air through a series of fine filters, and a quality air purification system can neutralize and eliminate any weed odors in your home.

Here are a few ways to stop the smell of weed in your bags

Anti-odor weed bags

General mylar bags are widely used for storing weeds. Quality mylar bags are very odor resistant and can completely block out the smell of weeds. And these bags also have a childproof function.
They can be equipped with zippers and can also be effectively insulated from the air, moisture, and other external factors. The mylar bags are not only convenient to store at home but also convenient to carry when traveling.
An excellent odor-proof weed bag will not only prevent you from smelling like a walking pharmacy, but it will also prevent your weed from losing its moisture, keep it potent, and keep it safe from children and animals.

Vacuum Seal Weed

Vacuum packaging is a relatively common way to package food. Many foods, such as meat and fish, are made into vacuum packages and stored in the refrigerator, which can be an excellent way to protect food from spoilage.
Weed can also be stored in vacuum packaging and can play a good role in preventing odor. But with vacuum packaging, you must choose the suitable vacuum packaging machine and bags, which will be cumbersome.

Odor-proof weed glass jars

Glass containers are also suitable for weed storage. With a tight-fitting lid, the smell of weed can be well shielded. Of course, you need to protect the glass jar in a shady place.
Avoid direct sunlight; this will extend the shelf life of the weed.

Aluminum foil odor-proof weed bags

Aluminum foil bags are often used for food packaging because of the presence of a layer of aluminum plating, which provides excellent insulation from air, sunlight, and moisture. And aluminum foil bags are at least three layers in the structure.
Four and five-layer bags can also be customized. Storing weed in aluminum foil bags is also a great way to prevent odor. You can put the bags into cans or wrap the packs in aluminum foil for better results.

Summing up

There are many options for using bags to block the smell of weed. With the more straightforward and more practical method of practical mylar bag, many facts have proved that the mylar bag is a good choice.

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