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Excellent Custom Coffee bag Manufacturer & Supplier  in China

Volumes from 2 oz to 16 oz, 1 lb to 5 lb, all sizes available, MOQ reduced to 500 pcs by digital printing, shortest lead time in 7 days. Print in up to 8 colors, Aluminium foil, and Kraft paper

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Custom Coffee bags

EWAYBAG can provide customization for any type of coffee bag. If you are new to the coffee industry or a start-up, we now offer digitally printed coffee bag options starting from 500 pcs, Fastest delivery time of 7 days. Now we offer 5 bag options: Bottom Gusset Style, Stand Up Pouches, Flat Bottom, Square Bottom,Quad Seal.

  • Quote custom printed bags within 24 hours
  • Wipf and Goglio one and two side degassing valves are available
  • Local Chinese valve brands have lower prices and almost the same quality
  • Free shipping coffee bag samples for your quickest reference
  • Materials with aroma resistance and high barrier properties
  • Aluminum foil material , black, white,brown kraft paper options
  • Eye-catching premium printing in up to 8 colors
  • Digital printing with a MOQ of 100 pcs and the shortest lead time of 7 days
  • The monthly supply capacity exceeds 10 million sachets

Customize your coffee packaging with EWAYBAG and contact us to make your coffee sales soar!

MOQ Digital Printing  500 PCS,Gravure printing 10K PCS
Size  2oz, 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 24oz, 32oz, 1lb, 2lb, 3lb, 4lb, 5lb
Material PET+VMPET+CPP AL/LLDPE+Kraft Paper
Thickness 70 μm-200 μm (2.5Mil-8Mil)
Function Handle, Ziplock, Valve, Window, Punch Hole
Printing Aluminum foil , Matte
Volume Size MOQ Delivery
coffee 2 oz bags 3-4″ x 4-6”+1.5” 10000Pcs 15 Days
4 oz coffee bags 4-4.5” x 7-9”+2” 10000Pcs 15 Days
8 oz coffee bags 4.5-5” x 8-11”+2.5” 10000Pcs 15 Days
12 oz coffee bags 6-7” x 10-12”+3” 10000Pcs 15 Days

EWAYBAG Coffee Bags

At EWAYBAG, the coffee bag deaeration valve technology used in our bags helps to keep air out of the bag and not let it in. This technology allows the coffee to remain fresh and tightly sealed inside the bag.

The degassing valve allows accumulated carbon dioxide to escape while not allowing in coffee freshness killers such as moisture, oxygen or light. The one-way degassing valve ensures that the customer gets fresh coffee.

However, coffee bags have replaced all of this, making packaging better. There are several factors to consider when choosing a packaging product for your coffee and these will be discussed further below.

The state of freshness of the coffee before it reaches the customer. This means that the supplier must ensure that the coffee remains fresh when it is distributed to businesses, stores, cafes or shipped to end users abroad (as an export). Freshly roasted coffee releases carbon dioxide, which makes it difficult to maintain freshness.

To ensure that freshness is maintained, an aeration packaging (MAP) option is used. Send your inquiry to make the perfect coffee bag.

    Professionally custom coffee bags can make your coffee sales and prices explode

    custom coffee bag

    “DuPont’s Law” has this survey. 63% of consumers will choose products based on packaging

    Visual sense is always the first feeling of customers when they touch something. There are countless brands that have become popular because of good-looking product design. Especially in the current value of appearance economy, the aesthetic design of product packaging is arguably the primary productivity.

    If you are a small or medium roaster, you should know that a beautiful coffee bag design will be pleasing to the eye, the desire to buy will be greatly increased, and your coffee bags will sell more.
    Over the years, the market experience with flexible bags has helped large, medium and small roasters increase coffee sales by 31.5% and sales prices by 42.3%. Customers buy with their eyes, make sure your coffee bags get them to buy right away.

    Call to communicate your coffee bag branding and packaging needs

    Coffee Packaging FAQ

    How long will coffee keep in a coffee bag?2022-05-16T16:58:32+08:00

    This depends on the type of coffee and whether it is open or closed.

    Roasted ground coffee can be kept for three to five months.

    Whole bean coffee can be kept for six to nine months.

    After opening the package, the coffee will last less time.

    Opened coffee powder can be kept for three months.

    After the first use, whole bean coffee can be kept well closed for six months.

    Keeping the bag closed will allow the coffee to be used for a longer period of time.


    Advantages of custom printed bags over labeling in coffee bags?2022-05-16T16:30:07+08:00

    Professional Appearance: First impressions are deal breakers, and the appearance of your coffee bags is the first shot you need to make a connection with coffee lovers. Full color custom printed foil bags will give the impression that your product is of a higher quality. A distorted label will not make a good first impression.

    More space: Labels limit the amount of space you have to brand and convey your message. With custom printed bags, you can use the full front, back and side panels to tell your story. The extra space you gain allows your design and content to look cleaner and less cluttered.

    Less labor and time: Labeling bags by hand can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Custom printed bags require no assembly. Just put your coffee beans in and you’re good to go! Less time spent packing means more time to sell.

    Does the coffee bag add a transparent window?2022-05-16T16:24:02+08:00

    We can provide customization in this area, which can allow consumers to see the coffee beans more. But need to avoid the sunlight. Because it will make the coffee beans lose their freshness.

    Can I add my own design on the coffee bag?2022-05-16T17:16:28+08:00

    No problem, it is completely possible. We know that generic coffee packaging does not have a competitive advantage in the market, we offer both digital printing and gravure printing, both printing methods have their own advantages, digital printing MOQ small, fast production cycle. Gravure printing has a price advantage. Suitable for repeated use.

    Support custom coffee bag size?2022-05-16T17:17:48+08:00

    We use coffee bags according to the use of scenarios, and the size of the different customization. You can also follow your design artwork.

    Can used coffee bags be used again?2022-05-16T17:13:34+08:00

    Yes, you can reuse them.

    you can clean the coffee bags with warm water and soap or white vinegar.

    White vinegar can also adjust the aroma and flavor of the coffee.

    Are 12oz or 16oz coffee bags more popular?2022-05-16T16:35:14+08:00

    Local roasters in the US are more likely to use 12oz bags of coffee

    Do you provide artwork design service?2022-05-16T16:24:59+08:00

    We have our own design team and can personalize the design according to your product needs. We have already designed custom printed coffee bags for many roasters who are satisfied. It makes them sell more coffee.

    Does your coffee bag smell proof?2022-05-16T16:19:31+08:00

    Protected bags fresh and let the flavor is not lost, is our company has been the pursuit of the goal. For all food packaging bags, we will add a layer of aluminum plating inside the bag, which will not let the smell lost.

    Which style of coffee bag is more suitable for grocery stores?2022-05-16T16:11:03+08:00

    If your coffee is going to be displayed in a grocery store, then the most popular and cost effective option is the Gusseted Coffee Bag. Another option is our Flat Bottom pouches. (Stand-up pouches are not recommended for grocery stores, they take up display space.)

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