Best selling custom coffee bags in American
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America’s Best-Selling Coffee Bags

custom coffee bags

Coffee has become an indispensable part of our daily life, it is a good habit to start your morning with a cup of coffee. There were paper coffee cups, to-go handbags, Coffee bean packaging design is also a lot of good coffee bag designs.

Here are 5 great coffee packaging designs, Let’s take a look.

coffee bag package

1. Natural Kraft Paper Stand up Zipper Coffee Bag Package with One Way Degassing Valve

coffee bags

The pure kraft vacuum bag is simple and elegant.

2. Cold Brew Coffee Pour & Store Kit Bean Bags

coffee bag package

Store to carry a body, with ice and water can be poured out after use, camping party office can be used.

3. Coffee Bags Design with Valve Black or white Foil Flat Bottom Standing Empty Coffee Beans Bag.

coffee bag designblack coffee bag design

Custom printed flexible packaging, which uses a reusable heat-sealable side zipper.

4. Single-Serve small Coffee without Machine Required, Travel-Friendly Packs, Small Batch.

custom printed flexible packaging,

Especially suitable for coffee beans in business offices, office crowds, and business travelers.

5. Resealable kraft paper rimmed custom coffee bags

coffee packaging

Simple coffee packaging with customized product identification, and high-definition image.

How should we store our coffee beans?

coffee bag designcoffee beans

First of all, the purpose of coffee storage is to isolate as much air as possible, reducing the impact of moisture and oxygen in the air on the quality and flavor of coffee beans. Vacuum sealing container and Vacuum packs is a good way to store your coffee beans, they can as
soon as possible to greater eliminate oxygen.
Vacuum sealing machines are very important in there vacuuming and can push the degassing process speed.

More importantly, whole coffee beans last better and longer than crushed ones. Keeping the beans intact reduces the area of contact between the beans and the air, reducing reactions.

Thirdly, place your beans in a dry, dark environment to reduce the rate of oxidation. Temperature, humidity, and brightness are all factors affecting the oxidation of coffee beans and should be minimized.

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