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The Process Of The Plastic Bag

The Process Of The Plastic Bag Plastic Bags Process of mixing materials together The plastic bags we use everyday, are made from granules of linear polyethylene resin that will be melted,they combine the linear polyethylene with another low density one in the mixer. The granules are perfectly blended into a homogeneous material. Plastic Bags changes from blowing film to bag to flat roll up Granule smelt in the extruder,which heats them to a temperature varying between 180 and 240 degree centigrade.this products a film of polyethylene in the form of

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Flexible Packaging Stand Up Pouch Bag Printing Procedure

Printing Procedure Plastic bags, Printed Plastic Bags,generally printed on a variety of plastic film, and then combined with the barrier layer and hot seal layer into a composite film, cut, bag formation packaging products. Among them, printing is the first line of production, but also the most important process, to measure a

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How To Choose The Flexible Packaging Plastic Bags ?

How to choose the compound material bag? How To Choose The Flexible Packaging Plastic Bags ? Plastic bag storage,Flexible Packaging is non-rigid packaging structures used to package and protect various food and nonfood products in the retail and industrial business forum. Snacks and frozen foods, medical appliances, beverages, pet food, etc., are

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How To Choose The “ Dog Poop Bag” Size, Material,Package ?

How to choose the “ dog poop bag” size, material, package ? 一.Dog Poop Bags Common Material: 1.HDPE 2.HDPE+EPI or D2W(we called oxo-biodegradable) 3.LDPE+30%Cornstarch 4.PBAT+PLA 100% Biodegradable. 二.Dog poop bag type: Flat bag on Refill roll Size: 22*32cm,27*32cm, 22*28cm, 20*30cm,size can be customized. Color: Any colors can be customized. Package:Kraft

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Fully Compostable Material With OXO-Biodegradable Additive Difference

Fully Compostable Material With OXO-Biodegradable Additive Difference Fully Compostable Material with OXO-Biodegradable Additive Difference 1.100% biodegradable equal Compostable, it means the bag can be degradable water and carbon dioxide. 1) the main source of this fully degradable material is processed from corn and cassava. as known as PLA.Polylactic acid (PLA) is

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We are specializing in dog poop waste bag for over 11 years

Dog Poop Bag with handle 1. Poop Bag with handle(not on roll) , keep your hands safe. 2. Awesome size:7*13.5inch( popular size) 3.Extra Thick and Strong 4.Guaranteed Leak-proof 5. Bag can do Scent(willhelp you forget about what's inside the bag and Non Scent 6. Recycled materials packing transforms into a handy dispensing box

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Our Company Provide Packing Solutions

Stand Up Pouch Are you finding local suppliers offer so high(printing set up costs 5-10 times VS us)? How about a professional person in packaging and printing who helps you to solve all the problems and leaves you to sit back and relax? our company provide reliable and cost-effectiove contract packing solutions for other

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