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Ewaybag has specialized in packaging bag production for 20 years. we offer custom production of various bags, including mylar bags, stand up pouches, zipper bags, pet food bags, coffee bags, etc.


Packaging bag experts, solve all packaging needs for customer service

We manufacture and supply high-quality takeaway packaging for food and beverages. All options can be fully customized and printed.

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mylar bags

Smell Proof 3.5 g, 1oz & 1lb, Wholesale Mylar Bags – High Quality.

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custom bags

We support customization of various packaging bag, Print custom packaging in full color.

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coffee bag

Custom Coffee Bags & Pouches – Various Bag Types Coffee Bag.

weed bag

weed bag

100% Customizable Packaging
Custom Mylar Bags & Cannabis Packaging.

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3.5 Mylar Bags

3.5g Child Resistant Mylar Bags,Wide range of Mylar Bags by Cookies, Runtz.

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Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches Manufacturers,Custom Packaging Pouches and Bags.

Kraft Stand Up Pouch

Kraft Stand Up Pouch

Wholesale Stand Up Pouches,2 oz Stand up Zipper Pouch Bag,custom size.

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Compostable bag

biodegradable plastic bags ,Eco-friendly Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags.

Packaging machine
Packaging machine
Packaging machine
Packaging machine
Packaging printing machine


Food Packaging Pouches Manufacturers

Dongguan Yiwei plastic company is a sub factory of Anhui Tongcheng Fengwei Plastic Company (TongChen YiWei plastic, Dongguan Yiwei plastic, Shenzhen Yiwei plastic) in 2005, was a professional packing bags manufacturing and independent research &development factory.

The leader of packaging bags, professional manufacturer

20 years of packaging bag production, accumulated many years of industry experience.

Certified by a variety of packaging

Ziplock bag and vacuum bag products have passed food grade QS certification.

China food packaging bag

Professional food packaging pouch manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing bulk customized products for sale.

Custom Packaging Bag Process

Ewaybag is a professional packaging bag manufacturer; we produce food packing bags, mylar bags, weed bags, coffee bags, packaging bags, stand up pouches, flat bottom bags, zipper bags, and three side seal pouches.
The company’s most significant advantage is that the company has today’s advanced gravure high-speed printing machine, flexographic printing eight-color machine, four-color machine, blow molding machine and a complete set of post-process equipment. Provide customized packaging bag services to meet each customer’s individual needs, including size, color, material, etc.

get quote

Customers must provide source files in formats such as AI.PSD.CDR for design and layout. If there is no design draft, they can communicate with our packaging bag manufacturer to offer design ideas, and the information must be carefully checked.
Take food packaging bags as an example: after the specification, material, thickness, and bag type of food packaging bags are determined, enterprise designers or professional design and production teams should make design drawings based on these data. In the design process, reference suggestions should be given, and the bag type should be finally determined.
Particular attention should be paid to the information on the packaging bag, such as manufacturer’s name, ingredients, product introduction, place of origin, net weight, specifications, food label number, QS certification, hygiene license number, production date, storage conditions, shelf life, edible method, manufacturer Name, address, product barcode, and contact number, etc.
After all the details are determined, our professional quotation staff will quote the customer.

plate making

After the artwork is determined, professional technicians are required to color-separate the pattern and repair some dark places; simultaneously; it takes more than a dozen processes to complete the plate making.
Generally, composite plastic flexible packaging is a gravure printing process, requiring engraving a copper plate first. The copper plate is engraved according to the pattern and size of the customer’s plastic packaging bag, so once the copper plate is engraved, it is dedicated to the particular bag and cannot be modified. Neither the size nor the surface of the bag can be changed. The price of a set of copper plates is relatively high, so before making plates, customers must be cautious to confirm that the pattern and size will not be wrong.


After the raw materials are ready, the surface film is printed with a high-speed printer. During the printing process, there is a plate cylinder for each color; the engraving of the plate cylinder is concave. We offer digital, plate, and cylinder printing.

compound bag

The printed surface film and the easily heat-sealable inner film are compounded with a particular high-speed peritoneal machine for special glue;
a plastic packaging bag is made by compounding several layers of movies of different materials, and the compounding process is to combine these. The layers are firmly compounded together. The compounding process should generally be checked first if a plastic packaging bag has a layering phenomenon during use.


After compounding, it needs to be cured in a curing room above 45 degrees for more than 24 hours in order to make the food packaging bag not easy to delaminate.

bag making

At this time, the production of food packaging bags has come to an end. The bag-making technicians need to have specific skills. They must ensure that the edges of the color-printed packaging bags are well-sealed and air-tight and have specific technical skills in the temperature control of the hot knife. After inspection by the quality inspector, it leaves the factory; the slitted and reminded roll film is placed on the bag-making machine for bag making. Such as the zipper bag-making machine, which can manufacture self-supporting bags with zippers, eight-side sealing bags, etc.

Check quality

The main items of packaging bag inspection include specifications (length, width, thickness), appearance, overprint error, color difference, peel strength, heat sealing strength, etc.
Length and width are measured with a ruler, and thickness is measured with a thickness gauge.
The color difference is mainly checked with the standard seal sample, and the color difference at the arm distance should be consistent. In terms of color, Jianhongxing Packaging will also use a 50x magnifying glass to check the printed matter’s color carefully. Generally, paints are made up of dots one after the other. If the color is wrong, the bubbles will appear irregularly distributed.
Overprint errors are mainly checked for double-sided printing by visual inspection.
The AGS-5KG electronic universal testing machine mainly tests peel and heat seal strength. The detection principle is the same as that of the computer tensiometer.


Deliver high-quality packaging bags to customers, and customers can enjoy quality assurance services. If you have problems within three years of receiving the goods, you can contact our after-sales staff to solve them.

New to mylar bag?

Free Quote: Our packaging experts are just a phone call away, 7 days a week. Have any packaging questions? Call us on 86 187 1877 7301 and speak to a professional packaging expert to provide a solution for your bag needs!

Provide design solutions: If you do not know the shape of the packaging bag you need, whether you need to add a zipper, we provide professional design services, from design to samples, to ensure that it meets customer needs.

Minimum Requirements for Packaging Orders: You can order as few as 200 mylar bags, and customization is available, including patterns, materials, and LOGO!

Shortest Delivery Time: Get your custom printed packaging in as little as 3 weeks (other suppliers take 10 weeks!). Non-printed mylar bags can be shipped in as little as 1-2 weeks.

Quality Assurance Service: Out of confidence in the quality of our bags, we provide a three-year quality assurance service, and any defects can be returned for free

Looking for a new mylar bag supplier?

Professional customer service: we are here for you! When you call us, our professionals will answer your questions right away. If there are any issues, we will do our best to resolve them as soon as possible.

Highest quality mylar bag: Ewaybay has 20 years of bag manufacturer. Quality has always been the company’s core competitiveness. Ewaybag’s packaging bags include mylar bags, weed bags, and coffee bags, packaging bags, and the quality of these bags is highly praised by customers.

Free samples: As a powerful manufacturer, you can enjoy free sample service if the customer service order amount reaches the company’s specified target. For details, you can consult the company’s customer service staff.

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What people say about us

From small packaging bag solutions to large multinational companies, ewaybag has made happy clients all over the world, and We are proud to share some of our customers’ testimonials.

We were a growing company and approached Ewaybag with the idea of giving it a try. We were amazed by their expertise in packaging knowledge and got the packaging solution we needed. Packaging samples were quickly obtained and are now in mass production. Thanks ewaybag for the meticulous and thoughtful answer and service.
Thanks to the professional services of ewaybag Company, we have always had a great demand for pet bags and stand-up bags. But the previous suppliers always had various problems, such as unclear printing patterns and zipper failure. Until I came into contact with ewaybag company, it perfectly solved the problem of our packaging bags.
These are good-quality bags that come with oxygen absorbers. I have ordered them before and will call them again. They fit perfectly in a five-gallon bucket with plenty of room to seal your product.
I am writing a review because I am here ordering more.
I put these in 5g buckets, but these are big enough to fit in an 8-10g bucket.Good shopping experience!

Why choose us

As a professional packaging bag manufacturer and factory, ewaybag is positioned to be the technical, production, after-sales, and R&D team of customers, providing various packaging solutions quickly and professionally and solving multiple lighting problems. Our customers don’t have to worry about packaging issues. We will help customers to deal with other issues such as packaging bag cost control, packaging bag design, after-sales, etc., to maximize customer benefits.

  • Most extended service life: Most of the bags we produced in 2016 are still in good condition. Longer service life will save you more replacement costs.
  • Fast Delivery: We offer a prompt delivery service. Whether a stand-up bag or a weeb bag, fast delivery within seven working days. For large batches, generally 8-15 days.
  • Professional technical team: The professional packaging bag technology research and development team of 50 people can support the technical support of the packaging bag from the design, printing, and bag-making process. Provide the best solution for customized packaging bags for customers.
  • Competitive price: Most mylar bags, especially weed bags, coffee bags, stand up pouch, Three side Seal Pouches, and weed bags 3.5, are more competitive in price than other suppliers.
  • Multiple certifications: ewaybag has passed numerous certifications, including ISO FDA, to provide customers with comprehensive protection.
  • Complete manufacturing system: there are more than 30 sets of production equipment for the printing, film blowing, lamination, slitting, and bag making, 100 high-quality skilled technicians, tens of thousands of customer cases, and can undertake urgent orders
  • Extended warranty period: at least three years warranty can be extended for 5 to 8 years according to customer requirements.
  • More robust R&D: We are constantly innovating in bags according to market trends. R&D based on your ideas and suggestions is fine.


bag discount

30% off your first order

As a professional packaging bag manufacturer, we will match competitors’ prices with a 30% discount on the first order. At the same time, the quality of the packaging bags will not be discounted because of the cost. We will insist on quality assurance and bring customers the best experience.

You can get the best stand-up pouches on the market at almost the best price – plus our excellent customer service and 7*24 hours of technical support !


Thousands of packaging bags are available to meet customer needs at any time, and the customer confirms the order and ships within one day.

Our vast inventory provides customers with 24-hour delivery service, whether a weed bag, mylar bag, or coffee bag. There are fixed size and color inventory. You can contact us for delivery at any time.

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5lb coffee bag

Eight side seal air valve coffee bags, custom colors, sizes, air valves.

kraft coffee bags

kraft coffee bags

8 oz Kraft Stand Up Pouch. Packing your coffee in a resealable bag.

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Three side seal zipper bag

Good sealing, high barrier, low oxygen permeability and low moisture and stain resistance.

Stand Up Zipper Pouch

Stand Up Zipper Pouch

Suitable for packaging: nuts, candy, tea, cookies, seafood, medicine powder, etc.

custom weed bag

custom weed bag

Anti-odor, anti-children design, custom size, logo, printing pattern.

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Runtz weed bag

Runtz 3.5g to 7g Mylar Bag,Heat Seal, Smell Proof, Child Proof, Resealable Zipper Storage Bags.

PE transparent stand-up pouch

PE transparent stand-up pouch

Packaging all kinds of dried fruits, tea, cakes, candy

Aluminum foil stand-up pouches

Aluminum Foil Stand-up Pouches

The bag comes with zipper,Bottom Gusset allows more volume packaging,
PET +Aluminum +PE Food safe


Frequently Asked Questions

We are manufactory located in Shenzhen,China. Specialized in printing and package with more than 20 years.

You need to offer design file in Ai,PSD,or PDF etc.

Yes, as leading factory in line of package, of course we can custom make the bag exactly based on your requirement(Style, Size, Printing, etc).

Actually, some FREE samples similar to your request can be provided for checking, Customized sample also available.

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